Kurt Bigler

Middendorf Breath Practitioner

“The Experience of Breath”

The Middendorf Breathwork or "The Experience of Breath" is a process for deepening one's understanding of oneself and of life through "experiencing" the breath. The breath is experienced through sensation. Sensation is the capacity we are given that allows us to have concrete experience of ourselves and what is around us. It is an activity of the person which strongly contrasts with thought as a mode of experience. Sensation provides the "raw" unbiased unjudged experience of existence and as such is very supportive as a balance for the mental and emotional aspects of self.

The breath is an encompassing aspect of our selves. It is always with us, as long as we live. We do not have to create it, yet we can experience it. By choosing to experience the breath through sensation we are choosing to be actively in relation with our process of life. Thoughts and emotions then come to us within an encompassing and supportive context. This can be very helpful for those who are interested in a better balance than they are currently experiencing, either to further their growth as a person, or because of any kind of difficulty which distracts from a balanced life.

The Middendorf Breathwork offers the experience of breath in two primary forms: through Breath and Movement classes and through individual Hands-On sessions. Both approaches guide the student to experience the sensation of the movement of breath, in a variety of contexts. In Breath and Movement classes the participant is more active in creating their experience, and often finds things that he/she can "take home" either as a practice or as an experience available to them in the course of ordinary life. In Hands-On sessions the participant is physically less active, which helps in the development of receptivity to breath, being somewhat relieved from their own habits of action since the practitioner is "moving" them. In either context the practical meaning of "sensing the breath" as an activity supportive of growth and healing is clarified. Relationships between breath and movement are revealed. With this experience we are less likely to move and act in ways that are disturbing to our natural balance, and more likely to discover effective flows of movement and action.

The "movement of breath" which we sense in this work includes any physical movement that the body makes in the process of breathing. It is not just the movement of "air" in the body. This experience is not limited to the physical, yet physical experience is strongly emphasized in this work. With a strong base in physical experience, many people find that other realms of experience (mental, emotional, spiritual) become clearer for them.

We do not "exercise" the breath. There is no pushing, pulling, holding, or counting in this work. The breath "exercises" offered are contexts to help emphasize particular aspects of experience, so that we can get a more rounded sense of ourselves as breathing beings.

If you are interested in changing the world, be aware that sensing is a political act. If you are willing to let your own world be changed by becoming to receptive to your actual tangible experience, then you will have a kind of experience that can be very helpful in guiding others as they change. The world resists change but is moved by experience. The world needs balance as much as it needs good ideas. Let your own gifts be manifest in small or large ways while you live.


Monday Night Breath and Movement Classes:

Time: call phone number below for more information.
Cost: $12 (inquire about sliding scale)
Location: 2953 Hillegass Avenue, Berkeley, California

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Individual Hands-On Sessions:

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: $65 (inquire about sliding scale)

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Phone: (510) 548-5115